Little Acorns Montessori Pre School

“From little Acorns mighty Oaks grow”

Mrs Carmel O’ Neill and Mrs Sabrina Campbell would like to welcome you to visit Little Acorns Montessori Pre-School any time.

The aims of this Montessori Pre-School are.

(1)   To provide a high quality Montessori education to the children who attend.

(2)   To help young children to become integrated into the school system and familiar with the school setting thus allowing an easy transition to main stream school.

(3)   To learn from the beginning, self-confidence, self-esteem, and socially and morally responsible behaviour both within and outside the classroom.

Montessori is an ideal teaching method and indeed would provide a solid foundation to the education of your child.

Our teaching programme will follow the Montessori Modules, respect for oneself and the environment.

The Montessori Modules are.

1) Practical Life. The Practical life exercises lay down an important foundation in the whole Montessori method of education. The practical life area of the classroom is an extension of the child’s own home environment.

2) Sensorial. The aim of sensorial is to educate the senses by exploring. It puts the child in contact with his/her environment through the isolation of his senses.

3) Language. The child’s ability to adsorb language is truly remarkable. Young children love to look at the written word. We will introduce the alphabet through sounds and sand paper letters. Stories and poems will be an every day event; which will include pictures, tapes, and puppets to enhance the child’s language.

4) Maths The Language of ordered thinking. Sorting events into classes and categories so  they are immediately recognised as either belonging or not belonging to it.

5) Culture. Pictures of animals and plants, general classifications of animals and plants, Parts of animal and plants living and non-living life cycle. We aim to help each child enjoy the different cultures that are in Ireland today.

Montessori is so much fun!