Green Team

St. Paul’s Green Team

Junior Infants: Alec, Leah, Anas, Mia, Casper, Jakub
Senior Infants: Chloe, Conor, Tyler, Darya, Charlie, Brody, Monica, Matei
First Class: Aleksa, Bella, Michael, Gabby, Calum, Dylan

Teachers: Edel McCarron & Lisa Reid

We have two children from every class on the Green Team. The Green Team works hard to remind teachers and children to turn off the lights and switches when they are not required. They also ensure that the doors are kept closed in order to keep in the heat.

The Litter Squad come from Ms. Reid’s Senior Infant Class. They work very hard to keep our school yard litter free.

Every child in the school contributed to the school garden throughout the year by planting flowers or vegetables.