Two children from each class of the first classes have been selected to represent their class on the Active School Committee. The children will have meetings with the teachers on the Active School Committee and together they will brainstorm ideas and initiatives to get our school more active. The children will report back to their classes and they will be an important link in the whole process.

The duties of Active Committee include:

Bringing the yard equipment in and out everyday.

Leading their class in 10@10

Tell their class about D.E.A.D (Drop everything and dance).

Tell their class about all the new ideas we have to keep our school active.






P.E. Equipment Shed

Ms. McTague, with the help of Martin our caretaker, organised a new shed for all of our P.E. equipment.  Now everything is neatly stored and labelled and easy to find when we need it.  











Some of the members of the committee are pictured below returning yard equipment to the P.E. equipment shed.