Calendar 2017/2018

Opening Date:                     Thursday 31st August 2017

Mid-Term Break:                Closing  Friday 27th  October and re-opening Monday                                                                      November 6th

Christmas Holidays:         Closing Friday 22nd December and re-opening  Monday 8th                                                            January 2018

Mid-Term Break:               Closed Thursday 15th + Friday 16th February 2018 ( 2 days)

Public Holiday                      Closed Monday March 19th 2018 ( 1 day)

Easter Holidays:                 Closing Friday 23rd March and re-opening Monday 9th April

Public Holiday/Holidays:Closed Monday May 7th Tues 8th May (2 days)    

Midterm Break:                   Closed Friday 1st, Monday 4th and Tuesday  5th June. ( 3 days)

Summer Holidays:               Closing  Thursday 28th June

Please Note:

 Accumulative absences of 20 days or more throughout the school year must, by law, be reported to the National Education Welfare Board.                                                    

The Department of Education and Skills has advised in the event of school closure, due to prolonged adverse weather conditions next winter, a shortening of the February Mid-term Break and /or a shortening of the Easter Break may take place.

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