Board of Management

Boards of Management are the backbone of our schools. The Board consists of 2 teachers, 2 parents, 2 community and 2 patron representatives. The Board’s main function is to manage the school on behalf of the Patron and for the benefit of the children. A new Board of management will be elected and in place by December. Parents will be invited to elect one mother and one father to form a group of 8 people in total to comprise the Board of Management for the term 2015-2019. Mrs Fitzgerald has been nominated as the teacher representative for the next four years. Mrs Connaughton as Principal is Secretary of the BOM.

A special thanks to the outgoing BOM members who have worked hard over the last four years ensuring the efficient running of St Pauls N.S. They are Canon Devine (Chairperson)and Brian Lenehan, Patron’s Representative, Michael Cuddy and Tommy Ward (Treasurer) Community Reps, John Joyce and Catherine Cassidy (Parent’s Reps) and Lisa Reid Teacher Rep and Mrs Connaughton (Principal).

St. Paul’s BOM Annual Report Academic Year 2017-18
St. Paul’s BOM Annual Report Academic Year 2016-17
BOM Annual Report Academic Year 2014/2015
BOM Annual Report Academic Year 2013/2014
Report From BOM Meeting Of 3rd December 2013

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